Sunday, August 14, 2011

My first Bead Soup partner!

Whew, what a weekend! 

I saw "The Help" with my mom and my friends Donna & Betsy on Saturday - Hello, GREAT MOVIE.  I loved the book and have been on pins and needles for the movie to come out.  I was very impressed at how well the actors portrayed the characters in the book and how well the movie followed the actual book.  Five star recommendation to read the book and go see the movie!

After celebrating my parent's birthdays (happy birthday Mom & Dad!) and with the kiddo out for the night, I finally have time to introduce you to my first Bead Soup partner, Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf

I'm SO excited to be working with Barbara, she's very nice and since this is her third time participating in the Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by the tireless Lori of Lori Anderson Designs, she's been very helpful in walking this newbie through her first "Soup" experience. 

Barbara is from Merritt Island Florida and is a jewelry designer who makes her own beads, mostly out of polymer clay.  Barbara's beads and jewelry are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! 

Here are just a few of my favorites, let me tell you, it was hard to choose just a few.

Isn't her work gorgeous?  Seeing her work inspires me to continue my journey of learning polymer clay media.  I can not wait to see what she sends to me for my bead soup!

On a related note, I was severely disappointed when Barbara told me that she and her shop are about five and a half hours away from where Bill, myself and several girlfriends will be vacationing soon.  I was so hoping to be able to visit in person! 

I sent Barbara's bead soup off this weekend, I'm a nervous wreck hoping I chose the right collection to send to her after changing my mind countless times. 

Here is a teaser of what Barbara will be receiving next week, photo is skewed to keep it a secret until Barbara is ready to reveal her bead soup package after she receives it.  I was even mean enough to change the photo to a sepia tone so as not to give away the color scheme either.  Hee hee hee. 

What I can say is that Barbara will be receiving a lampwork focal, some lampwork accent beads and a sterling silver clasp all handmade by me along with some other accent beads that I didn't have the talent to make, someone or some machine, made. 

I will be sure to post my bead soup after it's received and of course what I make out of it on September 17th, the big reveal day. 

Be sure to visit Barbara at the following locations:

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